I have been active on that popular business-focused social network recently…

But first, here is a memory: I visited Baku a long time ago. Along the road when coming from the airport, there was a newly built wall. I learnt that it was a wall that so conveniently left poverty on the other side.

I see that wall everywhere now.

So, I have been active on that popular business-focused social network recently. I find the content interesting, but the experience a bit disturbing. It makes you face the contrast between the collective feelings of humanity vs. feelings boosted in a business networking platform.

Especially nowadays.

The network manages to mostly isolate itself from discussions on the larger troubles of humanity, simply by piggybacking on the workplace etiquette, with support from its members. You could claim that this is just people filtering what they share based on platform. But let’s be honest: We both know that’s not the case here. In time, we all become this carefully-curated people.

The platform doesn’t even try to prevent us. This collective behaviour is just a reflection of what we feel comfortable being: We are the white collar. We subscribe to an idea of a “workplace etiquette” that not only isolates discourse of world events from businesses themselves, but it also applies the same isolation in the social business network. We are professionals. Professionalism, as an excuse to avoid risky topics.

This feels wrong.

Many of us in there were lucky (and driven) enough to receive good education. Education that would maybe help in accurately challenging the status-quo where it matters. But the society kindly, and constantly, hints us not to do it. That is, unless challenging that particular status-quo is the currently accepted trend. It reminds me of something Kafka said:

Atlas was permitted the opinion that he was at liberty, if he wished, to drop the Earth and creep away; but this opinion was all that he was permitted.

That’s all for today. Thanks.